Cincinnati Council Considers Zoning Change for FC Cincinnati Stadium Site

There is a public hearing at Cincinnati City Hall at 10 this morning to consider a zoning change needed for the continued development of the new FC Cincinnati stadium in the West End. The proposed ordinance calls for changing the zoning on property north of the stadium for construction of a new parking garage adjacent to the property.

Here is the proposed ordinance lawmakers will consider:

APPROVING a major amendment to the concept plan and development program statement governing Planned Development No. 83 to include certain adjacent properties to facilitate the development of a parking garage and two mixed-use buildings, thereby approving the rezoning of those properties from the RM-0.7, "Residential Multi-Family", zoning district to Planned Development District No. 83, "FC Cincinnati Stadium"

The map below shows the proposed area to be rezoned for the parking garage in orange. An 850-space, five-level, 60-foot-tall parking garage is proposed just north of the stadium between John Street and Central Avenue. It will be built and owned by Hamilton County. Each level will be approximately 50,000 square feet In future phases, the paring garage is proposed to be wrapped with future mixed-use development to the north and east of the site.

FC Cincinnati Stadium Development West End

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