Snapchat message threatens violence at Cincinnati School.

Parents with children who attend the School for Creative and Performing Arts downtown are wondering this morning why they haven't received a message from the school or the district. Police are investigating threats made against SCPA students on SNAPCHAT. A flier threatening a "SCPA Shoot out" has surfaced warning students to have their own weapons. The threatening message includes a photo of the school and the acronym B.A.T.R which it says stands for "be able to run" The message reads "the fatties die first by natural selection."

Cincinnati Police tell the Enquirer they are investigating and say there might be extra security at the school today. Parents are not finding that very reassuring and have taken to social media themselves to question why they have not heard anything about it from the school or the district. There has been no mention of the threat on the CPS social media sites.

One school board member has tweeted that the district is aware of the threat. Mike Moroski writes that parents will be notified and says "You children's safety is out highest priority."