Video: Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine invites Deer Park Teen to Lawrenceburg

( Deer Park, OH ) - Seth Dryer was a sophomore at Deer Park High School when he came down with an extremely rare virus called AFM. It affects the nervous system, specifically the area of the spinal cord. Seth survived after being hospitalized for over a year, but the virus left him almost completely paralyzed. For several weeks, the only way he could communicate was by raising his eyebrows.

Thanks to physical therapy, Seth's condition has improved. He now has some movement in his legs and his left hand. However, the 17 year-old is still confined to a wheelchair. He still cannot speak or eat. Seth apparently spends a lot of his time watching cooking shows on Food Network, especially "Restaurant Impossible". Now the show's host, Robert Irvine, has heard Seth's story and wants to help out.

Irvine has responded to a social media campaign designed to arrange a meeting between he and Seth. That social media campaign was launched by former WWE wrestler Jimmy Yang. Yang has been a resident of Cincinnati for years, and saw Seth's story on WLWT. It inspired him to try and help out.

Much to Irvine's credit, it didn't take him long at all to respond. The Celebrity Chef will be at the Hollywood Casino in May and he has invited Seth out to the show to be his guest.

Irvine is also encouraging people to donate to Seth's family as they are in dire need to help accommodate his medical needs. Their home needs extensive renovations and they are still shy of their goal. You can make a donation by visiting his family's Go Fund Me page.

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