How much additional netting will be added at Great American Ballpark?

Opening Day in Cincinnati is 56 days away but the Reds have not revealed yet how they plan to add new netting at Great American Ballpark to protect those coming to games from foul balls that go into the stands. Major League Baseball has ordered all teams to add more protection and the Cleveland Indians have just announced that they are adding nets from the outfield corners to home plate and raising their net ten feet to 33 feet high.

In 2018, the Reds extended the netting down to the end of each dugout behind first and third base and now it looks like they will have to extend the netting even further into left and right field. Our analysis shows that at least three more sections on each side will have to be covered, Sections 111-112-and 113 in left field plus Sections 133-134 and 135 in Right field. (See the seating map below). Because of the design of GABP, extending the netting all the way to the foul poles is not practical.

The reds have said they will continue to lower the net before games so that fans can continue to interact with the players and ask for autographs.

GABP Seating Chart

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