Two Miami U Students MAY have Coronavirus

Female doctor giving a vaccination shot to a young woman

(Oxford, OH) -- The Butler County General Health District is investigating two cases of possible novel coronavirus infections.

They say both possible cases are in people who just traveled and returned from China. The people being tested are both students at Miami University and aren't "severely ill" according to the health department. They are in isolation to keep whatever illness they have from spreading.

The health department is reminding residents that their risk of getting ill is low unless they've recently traveled to China or been around someone sick with the virus.

Anyone who's recently traveled China and who's showing symptoms should call the doctor before going in to the office. Any Miami students who meet this criteria and are experiencing symptoms should call Student Health Services at 513-529-3000.

Health officials say the infection risk to Miami's campus community is low, but they're working with the school to monitor the illness that's emerged from Wuthan, China recently.

“This is what public health does and why we train,” expressed Jennifer Bailer. “Our staff, officials at Miami University and the Ohio Department of Health are taking every precaution to keep the community safe. The same precautions that protect against catching and spreading the flu are likely to be helpful for this respiratory virus: Wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your nose and eyes,cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze and don’t go to work if ill. Displaying compassion to all people will be vital as the situation evolves.”

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