Cincinnati Area Dr Under Attack Over Online Video

She says it was planned as a way to promote her practice and encourage parents to vaccinate their kids but a video posted by a Deerfield Township Pediatrician has led to a backlash that forced Dr. Nicole Baldwin to call in police.

The video ends with a message that says Vaccinations do not cause autism and some people responded with negative comments. Baldwin says there was at least one threatening message from someone who said they were going to come to her office and shut the practice down so she called police. No arrests have been made.

Baldwin says she doesn't regret posting the video on TicToc and says the information in it is backed by the Centers for Disease Control. She says while she has received some negative fallout she also has received hundreds of supportive messages and in a tweet this morning thanked the people and organizations standing by her,

"Recently I have been the subject of a primarily online attack from the antivaxx community. They have posted fraudulent reviews on @Google @Yelp

and many other rating sites. They have inundated my SM with antivaxx propaganda. Thankfully the team @ShotsHeard

has been there to help."


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