Planned Parenthood's Mount Auburn Health Center Could Lose License


(Cincinnati) - Cincinnati's only abortion provider could be forced to close.

A doctor at Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio's Mount Auburn Health Center has resigned, meaning they only have three of the four required back-up doctors needed to operate.

Abortion clinics in Ohio are required to have an agreement with a close-by, private hospital in case of emergency. Some private hospitals are faith-based and won't partner with abortion clinics. Clinics without agreements are able to apply for a variance, an exception made by the Ohio Department of Health, that allows the centers to operate as long as they have a list of four doctors who can be called in case of an emergency.

The Mount Auburn health center received a variance to operate this way starting in 2015.

The clinic told the state last month they don't have four doctors on their list and requested time to find a replacement. That request was denied and thus, took away the clinic's variance. Planned Parenthood says they will fight this decision in court.

If the center loses its license then patients will have to travel to either Hamilton or Dayton for an abortion.

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