Cincy Spotlight Featuring Chuck Menkhaus of CME Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair

Chuck Menkhaus started CME Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair in 1999 as CME Services. He knew that he could offer his customers what they were looking for, superior sewer and pipe repair service at a reasonable price. In 2011, Chuck brought a cleaner, faster solution to the tri-state and shifted the company to focus solely on trenchless no-dig sewer and pipe repair. CME Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair became the Tri-State’s experts in no-dig sewer and pipe repair. Offering trenchless solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal customers.  

Trenchless, cure in place pipe (cipp) repair eliminates the need to dig up the entire pipe when there is a failure. The installation is usually done from a small hole that is dug to gain access to the pipe. Once the original pipe is accessed and cleaned to remove any debris, a flexible sock-like material that is coated with a heat-cured resin is inserted into the full length of the pipe. It is then inflated so that it takes the shape of the host pipe. Once inflated, hot water or steam is used to cure the resin creating a new, stronger pipe. The new pipe is seamless and jointless meaning increased flow rates and less chance for failure.

To give back to the community that supports CME Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair, CME will sponsor local events throughout the year and make contributions to the causes that are important to the employees. On any given day at the office, visitors might be greeted by a service dog in training. CME is a proud supporter of Circle Tail, Inc and their mission to provide high quality service and hearing dogs to those that need them at no charge. As active members of the Sharonville Chamber and Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce, CME supports the growth and development of the region and plays an active role in bringing the spotlight to the tremendous opportunities available here.