He put up the money to found UC but a campus school won't bear his name

Divorcing itself from its founder.

The University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees is expected to vote today to remove the name of Charles McMicken from its College of Arts and Sciences. It was a $1 million donation of land from McMicken in 1858 that helped establish the school in Clifton.

The School President is recommending that the McMicken name be stripped from the school because of his slave owning past. Neville Pinto says the McMicken name will remain on other spaces on campus as long as it contextualized properly. McMicken owned a plantation in Louisiana where he had a number of slaves. His will called from them to be freed after his death and offered each $100 if they wanted to move back to Africa.

For more information about the legacy of Charles McMicken at the University of Cincinnati, click here.

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