Florence Teen Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Up His School

Ever since the latest school shooting in California, there have been a rash of threats against schools in the TriState.

The Boone County sheriff says the latest involves a 13 year old at Ockerman Middle School in Florence who was threatening to shoot 3 eighth grade girls and several 7th graders. Police say the teen went so far as to run an internet search for a sub machine gun during class. Several students who were aware of the threats went to the school resource officer and the teen was arrested.

Upon further investigation police say they learned that the teen has made several other threatening statements to other students over the last several weeks that include;

"You're on my list. You're going to be the first to go. You're dead, I'm coming for you. I am going to shoot the school, Watch out. Watch out, I'm warning you. You're off my safe list. I can't wait to blast these 7th graders, I will spray this school with bullets."

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