Skylar Richardson Speaks for the first time about the death of her baby.

The Warren County teen found not guilty in the murder of her baby is speaking for the very first time about the death of her child. Skylar Richardson tells Cosmopolitan Magazine that she is "plagued by guilt every day for not telling someone."

Richardson tells the magazine she was going to tell her mother after her prom that she was pregnant but the day after started experiencing cramping and ended up delivering a "shockingly white" baby while sitting on the toilet. She continues to insist that the baby was not born alive and says she decided to bury the child in the backyard to keep her close. Richardson also tells Cosmo that she decided to name her little girl, “I decided to call her Annabelle. I didn’t know anyone with that name, so I knew whenever I heard it, it would remind me of my baby girl.

The teen tells the magazine she wishes it was her who died instead of Annabelle. Read the entire Cosmopolitan article here: