Boone County Teen Accused Of Threatening Kids And Teachers

Boone County Sheriff

(Burlington, KY) - On Saturday evening the Boone County Sheriff’s Office says it was made aware of a school shooting threat by a student who attends Jones Middle School.

A 13-year-old male student from the Florence area allegedly told another student that he was going to “shoot up the school with guns” and that his target was going to be the “popular kids and teachers” at Jones Middle School. The threat was reported to law enforcement and Boone County Sheriff’s Office deputies reportedly acted quickly upon learning the identity of the student and made contact with him at his home. Deputies say they later obtained a full confession.

The student allegedly stated that his plan was delayed until he could obtain a bullet proof vest but the Boone County Sheriff says he admitted to telling other students that he was going to shoot the popular kids and teachers at Jones Middle School. The student was allegedly upset over recently being suspended after getting into a fight at school and this was the basis for the threat. The student reportedly did not have immediate access to weapons or body armor.

The suspect is charged with terroristic threatening 2nd degree, a Class D felony. The Sheriff says he was taken into custody on Saturday night and lodged at the Campbell County Juvenile Detention Center per a judge’s order.

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