CPS Rolling Out New Bus Stop App

( Cincinnati, OH ) - The Cincinnati Public School District is launching a pilot project. A bus tracker app is now available to some of the parents of yellow bus riders.

The My Stop App provides real-time information to parents about the estimated time of arrival to their stop and sends notifications about late buses.

What the App does not do is provide any identifying information about any child to a third party. It does not track individual students or allow you to see where the bus is in real time.

CPS is rolling out the app at five schools: Clifton Area Neighborhood School, Evanston, Hyde Park, Sands Montessori and Spencer Center for Gifted and Exceptional Students.

In December, the District will continue to implement the app at five more schools: Carson school, Chase school, Cheviot school, Gamble Montessori Elementary School and Mt. Airy School.

More information will be mailed out to parents in the coming days.

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