Trying to Make Travel Safer Through I 75's Cut in the Hill

They hope it will reduce the number of crashes on I-75 at the top of the hill in Fort Mitchell. Every time it rains, vehicles have been spinning out hitting the retaining wall and causing long delays. Now the state is bringing in a large machine called the Skidabrader to rough up the pavement with the hope of providing more traction for the cars and trucks travelling the curve near the Dixie Highway exit. The work is expected to start as soon as possible to try and make travelling the interstate more safe.

In the meantime---the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has put up signs saying slippery when wet and they are encouraging drivers to slow down coming thru the area. The work is expected to be complete before Thanksgiving.

Promotional material for the Skidabrader calls it the largest and most productive machine for this purpose on the planet. The video below shows the machine in action.