Cincinnati Christian University To Close, Funnel Money Elsewhere

Cincinnati Christian University

(Cincinnati, OH) -- Cincinnati Christian University will close next year, instead of fight to keep its accreditation.

The school made the announcement on October 28, saying they'll now funnel their money into an extension of Missouri-based Central College of the Bible that is supposed to open in the spring. Only a few employees of CCU will keep their jobs, but students will be able to continue their education.

The private school's accreditation came into question earlier this year. The school's Board of Trustees President Ron Heinman said in July that the establishment would have to fight to stay accredited.

Heinman wrote the school didn't operate with integrity or force fair and ethical behavior from employees. Other issues included a loss of staff, no work to improve courses and changing the mission statement to something that wasn't being followed. CCU also was losing $350,000 a month in 2015, meaning it likely couldn't support itself in the future. The school failed to meet the Office of Federal Student Aid's standards for financial responsibility.

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