A School Threat Made To A Northern Kentucky District

(700 WLW)- The Boone County Sheriff’s Office receiving a report Monday afternoon of a school shooting threat made by a Boone County student. The threat was made towards the end of the school day at around 4 o'clock and a female juvenile was later taken into custody and charged with Terroristic Threatening 2nd Degree, a Class D Felony. The 15 year old female juvenile, who attends Cooper High School, was in class on Monday and while in a group with other students at school she said to another classmate, “you’re going to be on my list”. The classmate then asked, “what list”, to which the response was, “my list for when I shoot up the school”. Upon receiving the report, deputies promptly investigated the threat by interviewing the juvenile suspect at her residence. During the interview, she admitted that she made the threat but went on to say that she was “joking”. The teenager was lodged at the Campbell County Juvenile Detention Center.