No Charges Against Former Bengal, But Complaint Forwarded Against Attnys

( Cincinnati ) - No criminal charges will be filed against a former Bengal accused of sexual assault, but attorneys claiming to represent the alleged victim will now be the subject of a complaint to both the Ohio and Georgia Supreme Court.

The Hamilton County Prosecutor's office has been investigating since last month, when representatives for Chinedum Ndukwe reported an allegation of extortion. They say on September 3, Ndukewe received a letter from attorneys in Atlanta and Cincinnati demanding $10 million to keep quiet allegations of sexual assault by a former employee of Ndukewe's dating back to August 24. They say if the payment was made, their client would not pursue criminal charges.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the prosecutor says his office conducted a full investigation, and no charges will be filed against Ndukewe. However, the office plans to "forward a complaint to both the Supreme Courts of Ohio and Georgia concerning the conduct of the attorneys."