Cincinnati Congressman can't account for thousands in campaign funds.

"Unknown." That is the ledger entry by the campaign of Congressman Steve Chabot explaining how $57004.50 in money given to the Cincinnati Republican was spent. Campaign finance reports for the third quarter have been filed and Chabot's campaign cannot account for money paid to a political consulting firm run by Chabot's former campaign manager. The filing with the Federal Election Commission says that the purpose of those disbursements "can not be determined until the completion of the investigation of the former Treasurer."

An investigation into money missing from the Chabot campaign is underway and an attorney for the Congressman says he is cooperating fully with law enforcement but will not comment further until that investigation is complete. Despite speculation that Chabot might retire instead of running for reelection, he has made it very clear that is running for another term in Washington.

On the same day that the campaign finance report was issued, the head of the Republican party in Ohio, Jane Timken endorsed Chabot's reelection bid. A statement from Timken says for "nearly 25 years, Congressman Chabot has been reliably fighting for our party and to deliver conservative results for hardworking Ohio families. Congressman Chabot’s voice in Washington strengthens the Ohio Republican Party and our state. I am fully committed to supporting Congressman Chabot’s successful re-election and I’m proud to endorse his campaign.”