Watch your speed. And buckle up. And don't park in the left lane!

The last time they staged a traffic enforcement blitz a few weeks ago, they handed out almost 300 tickets in a twelve hour period.

Today another crackdown is planned on I-75 from the Ohio River to I-275. Officers from a number of different police departments are working together on the effort. They received a federal grant for the year long enforcement effort that is aimed at reducing the number of traffic accidents on the highway.

In the last crackdown, they wrote almost a third of the tickets for speeding. However, police will also be targeting other offenses, like texting while driving, failing to move over for emergency vehicles, improper lane changes, and tailgating.

Today's crackdown runs until 8 pm.

The blitz concentrates on the driving between the Brent Spence bridge and I-275 in Northern Kentucky

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