Glenmary Home Missioners Releases List of Credibly Accused

( Fairfield ) - In a letter released on Friday, Glenmary Home Missioners President Father Dan Dorsey says eleven men who worked in the Catholic institution have been credibly accused of sexual abuse.

Glenmary says the clergy--seven priests and four brothers--were accused of abusing either minor or vulnerable adults.

The list and letter from Fr Dorsey can be accessed here.

Eight of the clergy members on the list spent time working in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati or the Diocese of Covington, but none of them are still in the ministry.

Seven of the Glenmary priests or brothers who have faced credible allegations of abuse have died. The eighth left the mission in 1993.

Fr Dorsey says they have become painfully aware that in the past they have failed to protect minors and vulnerable adults. He says they have released the list of names in an attempt to be as transparent as possible.

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