DeWine Outlines STRONG Ohio Legislation

Nine Killed, 27 Wounded In Mass Shooting In Dayton, Ohio

( Columbus ) - AP - Governor Mike DeWine's new proposals to address Ohio gun violence in the wake of the Dayton mass shooting don't include background-check requirements for gun sales or a so-called "red-flag" law to restrict firearms for people perceived as threats, despite his earlier support of those ideas.

Instead, his administration on Monday detailed new legislative proposals intended to increase background checks and ensure people don't have firearms if a court has deemed those people a danger.

DeWine says his team consulted with lots of people and worked to produce proposals that he believes will get results, protect people's rights, and be able to pass the Republican-led legislature.

Advocates from the anti-violence group Everytown for Gun Safety criticized DeWine, saying he abandoned his earlier proposals and offered legislation that lacks needed changes.

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