Hamilton County could max out the sales tax rate.

If they go for a penny increase, it would give Hamilton County the highest sales tax rate of any county in Ohio at 8%.

We expect to learn more today about a proposed tax increase that would change how bus service is funded, locally. The plan calls for repealing the city earnings tax that pays for Metro and replace it with a countywide sales tax for transportation. In addition to expanding Metro bus service, the tax is expected to provide money for road and bridge repairs. A penny increase in the sales tax would max it out at 8 percent, only Cuyahoga County in Cleveland has a sales tax rate that high.

A news conference is planned for 3pm to outline plans for the tax and then the SORTA board will consider it at a special meeting tonight at 6pm.

If they go for the full increase of 1 cent, it would hike the tax on the purchase of a new car in Hamilton County by about $250. The map below shows the current sales tax rates in all of Ohio's 88 counties.

Sales tax rates across Ohio's 88 counties

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