Today this town "Belongs to Marty"

Marty Brennaman says today is "going to be a tough day, a very emotional day for me." The Hall of Fame broadcaster will sign off on the Reds Radio Network for the final time this afternoon and he says he has not rehearsed or written down how he will say goodbye. On last nights broadcast, Marty said he has no regrets about his decision to call it a career. He told his son Thom on Newsradio 700WLW, "I don't feel like I have second guessed my decision at all and feel very good with it."

Brennaman says he is most proud of the fact that his entire 46 year career was spent in Cincinnati. He says he has had offers to leave for bigger markets but never regretted his decision to stay. He says Cincinnati has everything you could ask for plus "the best people in the world." The soon to be retired Reds broadcaster says he has been overwhelmed by the cards and gifts he has received congratulating him on his retirement. "Thanks Marty" banners are up today in the Banks where they are throwing a Marty party.

Appropriately enough, Reds fans going to the game this afternoon will be given transistor radios so that they can listen to Marty's final broadcast. The broadcast will be synced to the action on the field so you can hear Marty in real time describe the action. Tune in to Newsradio 700WLW or 94.5 FM for all the action beginning at 11:35.

To hear some of Marty's classic calls of Reds action, click here.

Marty B during last nights game
Reds fans today get free transistor radios.

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