Port Study: Low AND Moderate Incomes Threatened by West End Housing Gap

( West End ) - A study conducted by The Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority and Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses says people in the West End with both low and moderate incomes face the threat of being displaced, and that there's an urgency to stabilize existing housing. That income range affects those making $18,000 or less and $50,000 or more.

It's because of rising property values from the FC Cincinnati stadium project and other recent economic developments in the West End. FC Cincinnati kicked in $100,000 for the study and has also paid for public sessions to get input from the community.

In response, The Port says it's investing $727,000 this year to stabilize six historic properties that include single-family homes. The Port is also working to rehab four buildings to provide rental units that are affordable for families who earn $65,000 or less per year. It's also working to set up a Low Income Housing Income Tax Credit program in the coming years. That could provide dozens more rental units for those making $40,000 or less per year.

That work is a start, but it's essentially a drop in the bucket for the neighborhood, however. The study says there's a need for more than 500 rental units families making less than $40,000 or $65,000 could afford.

Photo: The Port

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