Cincinnati Police Could Get a Whole New Look

Cincinnati police could be getting a whole new look.

Chief Elliot Issac is asking City Council to purchase new bulletproof vests that officers would wear over their uniform shirts similar to what soldiers wear. He says it has nothing to do with preparing for combat though it has everything to do with comfort. The Chief says the vests are needed to get some of the items officers carry now on their belts, like flashlights cameras and radios off their waists. The extra weight has been linked to back problems among cops.

The chief says the vests cost about 250 dollars each, so to outfit the entire department would cost about a quarter of a million dollars. A growing number of police departments across the country and adapting their uniforms to include the vest. Below is an example of a vest made by Bodyshield which is used by officers in Glen Heights, Texas.

Bodyshield example of new load bearing vest

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