Alleged Victim of Priest Abuse: 'You are NOT alone'

( Cincinnati ) - Very little has been made public about the identity of the man who says he was raped as a child by Father Geoff Drew. Drew is charged with multiple counts after someone came forward to say he was underage when he was sexually abused by the priest in the 1990s.

Via Cincinnati Police, that alleged victim released a statement addressing the media, and sending a message to others who have been abused:

As I do not want to physically approach the media, I still want to address you and give you thanks. You, the media, have been wonderful in how you have spoken about the subject. How you have reached out to members of organizations such as S.N.A.P. (Dan Frondorf) and sat in the realization that these things continue in society. You have addressed Prosecutor Deters with respect and have not bombarded him with questions about me or my family. But most of all, you have been considerate of me and my family by not reaching out and causing further chaos in a time of unbelievable stress. For these reasons I thank you and request that you deliver the following message.

I approach you with my hands out to relay a message to others that may want to come forward and are struggling. To others that may be engulfed with the overbearing weight of shame, guilt, anger, disgust, and fear, I want to tell you that you are NOT alone. Know that what happened was NOT your fault. Please know that it is ok for those around you to feel a righteous anger. Know that family will, and does, love you just the same. Know that you have a chance, an anonymous chance, to stand up and save others by your testimony. And in all this, you are loved and worthy.

I understand all of those feelings. It hurts; a lot. I have come to the realization that approaching my fears and speaking out about the disgusting events that have transpired, can provide others with a chance not to feel that same pain. Speaking up provides others the chance not to cry themselves to sleep. Speaking up provides others the chance not to look in the mirror and wonder if they will be alright. Speaking up provides others the chance to live in a way that I, or you, did NOT get to. Speaking up prevents someone else from falling victim of a “chaperoned trip”. Speaking up solidifies the chance that by the hands of Geoff Drew this will NEVER happen to someone again. I encourage you to do one of the hardest things possible and SPEAK OUT. Trust in knowing God has not abandoned you. This was not an act of a loving God. This was an act of an unloving man. And for those that might think “well, Drew faces a lot of charges that carry a lot of jail time,” please note that there is strength in numbers. This case becomes stronger when more people come forward. I am here to support you. I know I am not alone. It is time to heal. It is time to save others. Coming forward was not easy, but I don’t regret it. In doing so it has helped to heal and free myself from this past. You can remain anonymous.

Please don’t allow this story to fade, there are others out there.


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