Bridge and Street Closures for the Western and Southern WEBN Fireworks

( Cincinnati, OH ) - The 43rd annual Western and Southern WEBN Fireworks are this Sunday. The roughly half a million people in attendance need to be aware that there will be several roads and bridges blocked off at varying times throughout the event.

See the full list below:


6PM Closure:

Mt Adams: Anyone wanting to get up the hill may do so, if they park illegally they will be towed.

Bridges close. These include the Clay Wade Bailey, Suspension, and Taylor Southgate. These bridges are closed to pedestrians as well as cars. West sidewalk of Taylor. Southgate remains open until 730PM.

Riverfront closes. These closures include:

  • EB Mehring @ Central, Elm, CRG, Joe Nuxhall Way, and Johnny Bench Way
  • SB Joe Nuxhall Way @ Second, CRG
  • WB Mehring @ E Pete Rose Way
  • WB E Pete Rose Way @ Eggleston
  • SB Broadway @ Third
  • Ramp LL (Access to EB 50, NB 71 stays open)
  • SB Rosa Parks @ Second, Freedom Way
  • SB Marian Spencer @ Second, Freedom Way
  • SB Race @ Second, Freedom Way
  • SB Elm @ Second
  • EB Freedom Way @ Elm

7PM Closure:

  • 7PM is target closure time. Actual closure time will be dictated by crowd volume.
  • Close downtown access to SB 471. Closures include:
  • EB Fifth @ SB 471 ramp (access to NB 71, EB 50 remains open)
  • WB Columbia Pkwy @ SB 471 ramp
  • EB Liberty @ Reading/ SB 471 ramp
  • EB 50 @ SB 471 ramp

730PM Closure:

  • Close all access to SB 471. This is an expressway closure that closes the ramp from SB 71.
  • Close all eastbound traffic from Second St at Joe Nuxhall Way. All traffic goes north on Main.
  • Close SB Race @ Third St
  • Close SB Walnut @ Third St

9PM Closure- Prepare for Exit:

  • Expressway Closure. Close 3rd St Exit from SB 71 (Tunnel)
  • Close 3rd St exit from WB 50/ FWW
  • Close EB Second at Elm
  • Close NB Elm @ Third
  • Most 6PM Closures around Riverfront area remain in place.


  • Allstreets north of East FourthStreetfrom Madison Avenue to the Licking River will be closed to vehicular traffic at 6 p.m.
  • The Roebling Suspension Bridge and the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge will be closed to all traffic beginning at 6 p.m.
  • The FourthStreetBridge toNewportwill close at 8 p.m.
  • Madison Avenue will remain open to allow access to public parking lots and garages until they are full or 6 p.m., whichever occurs first. Once the parking lots and garages are full, Madison will be closed to through traffic north of FourthStreet. Exceptions will be made for TANK buses, invitation holders to the Metropolitan Club, and hotel guests with room keys and parking passes.
  • Access to Devou Park, Kenton Hills, and The Bluffs will be restricted beginning at 2 p.m. to residents and their guests only.
  • Streets inside of the Impact Area will not reopen and residents and guests will not be permitted to exit the Impact Area in a vehicle until pedestrians have safely cleared out and Covington Police determine that it is safe to do so. This may take up to an hour after the fireworks are completed. (The fireworks begin just after 9 p.m. and last for about 30 minutes.)

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