Federal Program Says You Should Set Your Thermostat To At Least 78 Degrees

Digital thermostat on 78 degrees

A federal program is suggesting that Americans keep their homes nice and warm in an effort to save energy during the summer months. The new Energy Star guidelines suggest that you should set your thermostat to 78 degrees when you are home, and raise it to 82 degrees when you go to bed. When you aren't home, Energy Star says you should increase the temperature to 85 degrees.

Officials with Energy Star, a joint federal program run by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, even suggest turning off your air conditioning if possible, especially at night.

"If you live in an area with moderate temperatures, you might not need your central air conditioning all day and night. Take advantage of cooler night temperatures by keeping your windows open. Close them first thing in the morning and keep your shades and curtains drawn when it's sunny outside to prevent the sun from heating up the house," they wrote.

The DOE says that raising your thermostat by just one degree can shave about three percent off your energy bill.

Based on the reactions on social media, most Americans will not be following the new energy-saving suggestions.

Photo: Getty Images

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