Piatt Park Shooting

Cincinnati police are investigating after a felonious assault occurred in Piatt Park on Saturday night before 11:30 p.m.

A victim was riding their bike through the park after getting off work. The victim came to a stop after approaching a large crowd of people fighting. A suspect, whose identity is still unknown at this time, was fighting with an unknown individual and pulled out a gun. The suspect then began firing several shots striking the victim. Several more warning shots were fired into the ground.

The victim who was shot was not involved in the altercation at the park.

Police have released this information to the public while requesting their help in identifying the shooter.

The suspect is a black male wearing glasses,last seen wearing a red polo and tan pants heading West in the park towards Race Street.

If you know the suspect or saw the shooting contact the Cincinnati Police Department.

Detective Upchurch : Office 513-352-5446.

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