Kings Island to Build New Thrill Ride.

It could be as tall as the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island or the Drop Zone.The amusement park is announcing tonight that it will be adding a major new addition. Speculation is that the park is building a new giga coaster that would include a drop of more than 300 feet. The online forum KI Central has obtained blue prints that it says show designs for the new coaster which is titled Project X (see it below).

There are only six coasters like it in the world right now with the newest being the Red Force in Spain that has a drop of 367 feet and hits a top speed of 112 miles per hour. In order to qualify as a giga coaster the drop must be over 300 feet down. Right now, the ride with the tallest hill at Kings Island is Diamondback at 230 feet.

The last giga coaster built in the US was at Carowinds Park in North Carolina and carried a price tag of $30 million. The new ride is expected to be the most expensive in Kings Island history, Banshee the newest thrill ride to be built at Kings Island in 2014 cost 24 million dollars.

The park has been averaging adding a new major attraction every six years.

Blue Print for new coaster posted at

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