VIDEO: Dash Cam from the Police Chase and Shooting in Westwood


( Hamilton County ) - Prosecutor Joe Deters calls the actions of the police involved in last week's chase and shooting of a suspect "remarkable."

In a news conference on Friday, Deters said both Cheviot Police Officer Timothy Bitner and Green Township Police Officer Barbara Aylward acted heroically in chasing down and ultimately shooting a robbery suspect who had been wanted for days.

Robert Schneider allegedly pointed a gun at police as they chased him the morning of Wednesday, July 31, after he had allegedly just robbed a gas station on Cheviot Road. Schneider tried to run on foot, and officers say he pointed a gun at them before he was shot twice.

Deters says that police didn't know it at the time, but the gun Schneider was using was "inoperable," calling it "a piece of crap." He says Schneider was "a very dangerous individual," saying that Schneider being shot was "almost inevitable."

Schneider died from his injuries on Friday morning.

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