New Developer Changing Game with Millennium Hotel and Convention Center?

( Cincinnati, OH ) - The Hamilton County Administrator released a statement on Wednesday saying that a new private developer has entered into a contract, that could result in the sale of the Millennium Hotel.

Details on what this could mean for the Duke Energy Center aren't known at this time, but Jeff Aluotto says it could result in big changes.

The full statement is below:

“Hamilton County is completely committed to attracting and building a new world-class convention center hotel. A private developer now has the Millennium Hotel under conditional contract. This is a recent development that has never occurred in the long history of the city and county working on the headquarter hotel issue.

The developer is under a confidentiality agreement and is working through our prosecutor’s office to assess their plan. This development has the potential to be a game changer in the convention center landscape, with possible effects on the location and future expansion of the convention center. This potential opportunity for local control needs to be thoroughly and quickly explored while understanding that a new convention center hotel is an urgent priority.

Given the timing of this developer-led effort, we concur with the decision by 3CDC to pause the RFP process while this opportunity is quickly vetted. In the near future, we will be convening the Convention Facilities Authority to discuss this development, given their current and potential role in the broader financing of convention center assets. 

The County will continue to work with all of its partners including the City of Cincinnati, 3CDC, the Port Authority, the Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the CFA to find the best solution to our collective #1 convention-related goal- a new headquarter hotel.” 

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