The Most Dangerous Highway for Summer Travel in the TriState

What is the most dangerous highway in the TriState? A new report may surprise you. The website studied traffic fatality reports from the last three years to determine the most dangerous highways for summer travel in each state and US 27 thru Kentucky had the most deadly crashes.

There were 45 people killed on US 27 which runs 191 miles from Newport thru Alexandria to Cynthiana and Lexington before reaching the Tennessee state line. US 60 had the next highest number of fatalities in Kentucky followed by I 75.

I 75 also appeared on Ohio's list coming in second with 31 fatalities. I 71 had the most deadly accidents in Ohio over the three year period, a total of 39.

In Indiana, I 70 was worst followed by I 65 and State Route 37.

The most dangerous interstate for summer travel in the United States is I 10 in Florida. It runs from Pennsacola east to Jacksonville.


Map of most dangerous highways from

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