A petition drive to try and win freedom for a former Hamilton County Judge.

Supporters of former Hamilton County Judge Tracie Hunter say they will not rest until she is free. The latest move to try and win freedom for Hunter is an online petition started by the local chapter of the NAACP. They call her six month sentence for having an unlawful interest in a public contract a "terrible miscarriage of justice."

Here is the text of the petition started by the local chapter of the NAACP at Change.org

The Cincinnati NAACP supports Judge Tracie Hunter. It is disappointing that the Federal Court has decided to uphold the decision of the lower court. However, we will not stand by and be a witness to the political lynching of Judge Tracie Hunter, an African American woman of faith.

From the beginning - in November 2010, her political opponents conspired to prevent Judge Hunter from being elected by using voter suppression to prevent the counting of all ballots. Judge Hunter should have been sworn into office in January 2011. Her opponents successfully prevented her from taking office until May 2012.

The conspiracy and corruption are undeniable, from the destruction of public computers that would have further vindicated Hunter’s innocence to the baseless and trumped-up felony charges used to remove and steal the seat away. This is not justice, but sad examples of the extent some are willing to take to maintain power. 

The calculated efforts to strip Hunter of her position is a disgrace. The use of certain media outlets to further destroy her image and name is an indication that local media preferred to be provocative and biased instead of neutral and fair. We are prepared to collectively stand with Tracie Hunter and seek Justice.

ORC 2921.42 -Having an unlawful interest in a public contract, essentially is to keep elected officials and their family members from profiting over a public contract that they have authority or influence over. A law that is selectively applied in Hamilton County and has no relevance in this case. Also, Judge Norbert Nadel refused to do an open poll of the jury when Hunter's lawyer requested it.  Multiple jurors stated that guilty was not their verdict, but Judge Nadel ignored it and refused to grant a new trial. 

It is absurd, and a mockery of the court to claim it was necessary to sentence Judge Hunter to 6 months. This is a terrible miscarriage of justice. To allow the freedom of an innocent woman to be taken away as if her life is disposable is the most arrogant and merciless act one can do to another human being.

If you believe in justice and want the last remaining charge dismissed with the others so that honorable Judge Tracie Hunter can be fully exonerated and her good name be restored, please sign this petition. Thank you!

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