Warehouse fire in Hamilton can be seen for miles.

Newstippers tell us it was one of the last paper mills in Hamilton to close. The abandoned Beckett Paper plant on Laurel Avenue in Hamilton is on fire this morning and the smoke can be seen from miles away. The blaze is so intense that homes nearby are being evacuated over fears that the fire may spread. Hamilton is getting help from several surround departments to fight the fire. Laurel Avenue is blocked at Zimmerman because of the blaze.

The photos below were tweeted to us by listeners. The first from Edward Whitt in Harrison and the second from @YagerDaBlueDane .

The third photo below is a listing from LoopNet.com showing the warehouse before the fire hit. The building built in 1962 has been for sale and was being pushed as a prime site for redevelopment in the city of Hamilton. The 127,000 square foot site was listed for sale at $275,000.