Georgia Beachgoers Work Together To Save Pod Of Beached Whales

A pod of pilot whales managed to beach themselves on the shores of Georgia's St. Simons Island and needed to be rescued. Luckily, visitors at the beach didn't hesitate to lend out a helping hand and rushed over to aid the whales.

Dozens of people began splashing water on the whales and pushing them back into the ocean. By the time wildlife officials arrived at the scene, the whales were well on their way to being reunited with their pod.

"As we arrived at the beach, we noticed a group of people in the water. At first, we thought they had dolphins doing some sort of show," Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) spokesman Tyler Jones told CNN in an emailed statement. "As we got closer, we couldn't believe what we saw."

Dixie McCoy was at the beach and recorded a live video of people working together to push the half-ton whales back into the water.

Officials are unsure why the whales ended up on the beach but pointed out that it is a common occurrence, especially for pilot whales.

The beachgoers managed to save most of the whales that beached themselves. Authorities say that two whales did not survive and they are taking the carcasses for a necropsy to determine whether or not they were sick or injured.

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