Video Surfaces Showing Teens with Guns in Cincinnati Neighborhood

A disturbing video has surfaced showing the glorification of gun violence in Cincinnati.

Posted to YouTube by a group calling itself SHOOTER and COMPANY, it shows a number of young teens running the streets of Price Hill with guns. Several times during the two minute clip, one of the teens is pointing a gun at the camera, in other scenes they are acting out robberies and pointing the weapons at each other.

The head of the police officers union says one of the teens featured in the video is 14 year old Cameron Franklin who was murdered in Cincinnati last week. Dan Hils tells Fox 19, the city is on the verge of anarchy.

June was the deadliest month in Cincinnati in at least 20 years and Hils says the teens running the streets have no fear of being locked up because drug dealers are routinely released right back onto the streets.

Today---the city is set to hold a news conference to discuss what is being done to try and curb the spike in gun violence. One of the tactics is curfew sweeps to get teens off the streets late at night but even if they are picked up, they aren't going to be locked up. Juvenile Court Administrative Judge John Williams tells Fox 19 he does not have the budget or the resources to lock up every person who gets in trouble.

You can watch the video below BUT be warned that it contains explicit language and graphic images that many may find offensive.

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