Health Dept: Possible but Unlikely Case of Measles in Cincinnati

( Cincinnati ) - "Currently, the Cincinnati Health Department is investigating a potential, possible, but extremely unlikely case of measles in our city." That's a quote from Melba Moore at a news conference on Wednesday afternoon.

Moore and other city health experts on multiple occasions emphasized how unlikely it is that testing will come back positive for measles, but they're putting the word out as a precaution nonetheless. They said they wanted to take the opportunity to emphasize how important vaccination is.

Epidemiologist, Dr Sharon Hutchins PhD, said that in this case, "we know where this individual was and who would've been at those locations." They're in the process of contacting all the people who may have potentially been exposed. Dr Hutchins describes the location of the person who may be infected as "tightly controlled."

The CDC says there have been more than a thousand cases of measles in the US so far this year, though no confirmed cases in Ohio.

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