Cincy Spotlight Featuring Susie Woodhull of Woodhull

The Woodhull family’s office equipment company has remained a family-owned business since its start in 1950.

Woodhull LLC, created by Jim Woodhull, has also remained a leader in the local office equipment industry, especially when it comes to Ricoh products. The company is now run by his daughter-in-law, Susie Woodhull, who took over the company in 2000.

The office equipment company works with some of the largest health care and educational institutions in and around Dayton to meet their office equipment needs. Woodhull also exclusively represents Ricoh products and sells the most Ricoh digital imaging products of any other dealers in the U.S.

For the past 18 years, Susie Woodhull described the company’s growth as organic. The company started out its first year under her leadership with revenue of about $1 million and nine employees. Today, the company has about 70 employees and is expected to make generate than $23 million this year.

In response to its steady growth over time, the company recently announced plans to add a third location to its roster.

Susie Woodhull revealed the company is currently looking for brick-and-mortar space in Columbus with hopes to find a place to settle down and expand by the end of this year. The company also has plans to hire technicians and sales manager, along with relocating some current staff members to the new branch. The Columbus office will join the established Woodhull offices in Springboro and West Chester Township.

One of the reasons Woodhull decided to expand to Columbus is in response to Ricoh's Columbus dealer no longer being in service. Susie Woodhull views this expansion as a good decision for both companies.

“It makes a lot of sense to expand to Columbus; it's one of the fastest growing cities in the Midwest,” Susie Woodhull said. “We're pretty excited, we're looking forward to spreading our wings a bit."

Woodhull is one of nine total dealers within the U.S. to receive Ricoh’s Service Excellence Award six years in a row.

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