Federal Charges for a Cincinnati Police Captain

( Cincinnati ) - A police captain is facing federal charges after being arrested on Thursday.

In a Friday news conference, US Attorney Ben Glassman detailed the case against Captain Michael Savard. He's been under suspension since January on suspicion that he improperly benefited financially by being a Cincinnati Police officer. In May, Savard allegedly approached a police sergeant and offered to plead guilty to those charges in June if the sergeant paid him $5,000 cash. Glassman says that offer has to do with the way promotions work in CPD. "If he were to retire in June, then this sergeant... would be guaranteed promotion to lieutenant. Whereas if Savard were to retire in July... anyone who wanted to be promoted would have to sit for a new exam," Glassman said.

Glassman also said there was a subsequent audio recording of Savard and the sergeant talking about money.

"This is a very tough day for CPD. When a member of our department, especially a high-ranking member, defies the public trust and is accused of this type of behavior, it impacts the entire organization," Police Chief Eliot Isaac said at that same news conference.

Savard allegedly took the money on Thursday and was quickly taken into custody by federal agents. He's so far charged with a count of theft and bribery.

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