Officials: Drugs Tainted With Fentanyl Leading To Increase In Fatal ODs


(Cincinnati) - The Hamilton County Heroin Task Force is warning residents about a dangerous mixture that's killing drug users.

They say fentanyl is being mixed with crack cocaine, leading to an uptick in fatal overdoses across the county. This mixture has caused at least six suspected overdoses in the past ten days. There's also been a steep increase in African American overdose victims over the past few weeks.

Investigators also say supplies are mixing Fentanyl with Methamphetamine, adding food coloring and then turning the substance into pills. These pills are being sold as Ecstacy and MDMA.

Drug users need to be aware than any street drug could be mixed with the deadly opioid. Officials say anyone using should not use alone and should have the overdose antidote naloxone on-hand. If you expect someone is overdosing, call 911 immediately.

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