City Council Tells FCC to Provide Affordable Housing on Purchased Property

The city council, in a 4-2 vote Wednesday afternoon, passed a motion that calls for FC-Cincinnati to provide "safe, quality, affordable housing" for residents currently living in apartments on property the club recently purchased on the West End, near its future stadium.

Residents in the two buildings, located at 1559 Central Avenue and 421 Wade Street, were warned that they might be forced to leave, even though FCC said nobody would be displaced.

With the club's purchase of the property, tenants could be forced out by April 30.

The city wants to see FCC convert the Central Avenue space into affordable housing for those living in both buildings.

Club President and General Manager Jeff Berding was not on hand for Wednesday's meeting, but is scheduled to meet with the media on Thursday at 2 p.m.

The media availability was announced before the council passed the motion.

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