Money Approved to Fix Columbia Parkway Landslides

( CINCINNATI, OH ) -- With landslides being an issue on Columbia Parkway, most recently causing closures near Torrence Parkway when a light pole fell across the road.

The long-term fix laid out by Mayor John Cranley and City Manager Patrick Duhaney will cost, approximately, $17-million or possibly more. The short-term fix will cost much less, but will be immediate. While the city administration hammers out details of the long-term plan and applies for grants from the state of Ohio as well as from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, City Council is approving $750,000 in general funds to be used to fix issues in the short-term.

The solution is to build up the barrier wall as well as putting pins in the soil to keep it in place. The mayor says this solution will keep the landslides from causing issues for "a generation," which he says is about 35 - 50 years.

Regardless, to get the landslide problem fixed completely, most of Columbia Parkway will have to remain closed for the next two years. This means that the road could be reduced to two-lanes most of that time, with the occasional possibility of three-to-four lanes being open for drivers.

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