City Council Votes to Prioritize Fixing Columbia Pkwy Mudslides

( CINCINNATI, OH ) -- Columbia Parkway has been closed multiple times in recent months due to mudslides that needed to be cleaned up. With it being a main thoroughfare in the city, this has brought many complaints from those who frequently take this route. Those living in the area are also complaining about how the mudslides are threatening their homes and endangering their lives.

Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman brought forth a motion to declare the situation an emergency. The legal definition of an emergency declaration would give the mayor power to circumvent city council to fix the problem in whatever way he sees fit. Other members of council agreed that while the mudslide issue does need to be fixed immediately, they did not want to give Mayor John Cranley power to circumvent council's will.

Councilman David Mann suggested a friendly amendment to the motion that would say that the mayor cannot use his authority on the issue without the will of council in future matters. Smitherman accepted the amendment, and the motion was passed. However, City Manager Patrick Duhaney says that this motion merely articulates council's will on the issue, because the city administration and city services are already treating the mudslides as an emergency and are working to fix the problem.

Councilwoman Amy Murray says that the administration is currently working on legislation that will further fix the issue, and that should be coming out in the coming weeks. Mayor Cranley and Vice Mayor Smitherman point out that time is of the essence with this issue because of the impending rainy season. Smitherman even said, "we don't want to wake up to a fatality."

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