Changes Coming to Intersections in Downtown Cincinnati

( CINCINNATI, OH ) -- New fiber optic, computerized technology is being installed in 140 downtown intersections to help vehicle and pedestrian traffic move more smoothly. Due to new federal pedestrian time standards, some changes have to legally be made, and the city administration is taking this time to balance out lights.

New federal regulations require pedestrians have about 4 extra seconds than they currently get to cross the street, so that will inevitably take 4 seconds away from the green light vehicles would get. The Transportation & Engineering Department is saying they will try to better balance all of the lights out to keep traffic moving more smoothly. Those changes will come by this summer.

On top of this, between 4 different intersections, $80,000 will be spent altogether on putting in new "green light priority" technology in the streetcars. This will mean that a sensor in the streetcars will communicate with green lights, letting them know to stay green a bit longer to allow streetcars to pass. The administration says this will better allow for streetcars to not block busy intersections during high-traffic times.