Organizations on Notice They Could be Subject to Legal Action

Over 50 organizations, reporters and celebrities could soon be facing lawsuits over what was said about Covington Catholic and the students at the March for LIfe in Washington last month. Letters have gone out from the attorney representing Nick Sandmann warning of pending litigation. The letter from libel lawyer Lin Wood warns the potential targets of litigation to preserve any evidence that could be subject to litigation.

Reports say the Washington Post, New York Times and C-N-N have received the letters along with a number of individual reporters. The diocese of Covington, Lexington and Archdiocese of Louisville have been warned as well not to destroy any evidence that could become part of the civil case. A number of celebrities like Jim Carey, Alyssa Milano and Kathy Griffin have received letters as well and could be sued for libel over social media posts.

The law firm has also put together a video that it says tells the whole story of what happened in front of the Lincoln Memorial, you can watch it below.