Cold Weather Tips From The American Red Cross

(Cincinnati) - The American Red Cross Cincinnati-Dayton region has some tips to stay safe ahead of bone-chilling temperatures.

To heat your home safely: 

  • Keep kids and pets away from things that can burn and away from heaters
  • Only use a space heater if you must, and make sure it's on a level and nonflammable surface
  • Don't leave the fireplace unattended
  • Don't use a range or oven to heat your home
  • Turn of space or portable heaters when you go to sleep or leave the house

To stay safe in winter weather: 

  • Wear layers, hats, gloves and waterproof boots
  • Be careful when shoveling snow
  • Check on neighbors, the elderly, people with disabilities and kids
  • Bring pets inside and keep them warm

The Red Cross says to watch for both hypothermia and frost bite. Symptoms of hypothermia include confusion, severe shivering, dizziness, exhaustion and numbness. Symptoms of frostbite are skin discoloration, numbness or waxy-feeling skin. 

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