Phase 2 of Wasson Way Bike Trail Project to Begin this Summer

( Cincinnati ) - Right now, the Wasson Way Bike Trail runs a little over a half mile: from Tamarack Avenue in Hyde Park eastward to Madison Road, following a now-defunct rail line. However, that trail is expected to grow in 2019 as Mayor John Cranley on Tuesday announced Phase Two of the project. 

The mayor says work on Phase Two will begin this summer, extending the trail westward from Tamarack Avenue to Montgomery Road in Evanston. That work will involve crossing I-71 via a bridge.

The new phase is estimated to cost around $3 million dollars, and it will be paid for from city, state, and federal funding sources. It's expected to be ready in October, making the trail run for more than a mile. Mayor Cranley says it'll be a popular connector to make bicycle and pedestrian travel between Xavier University, Norwood, Evanston, and Hyde Park that much easier.