Looking for Solutions for Safety for Students

( CINCINNATI, OH ) — Since the start of the 2018-19 school year, there have been a number of Cincinnati Public School students who have been struck by cars—a few of them fatally. Councilwoman Amy Murray, who is the Vice Chair of the Law & Public Safety Committee, says there are a number of solutions both the city and CPS are looking at.

One solution is bright flashing lights at all crosswalks by schools as well as better signage. Other solutions include starting classes later, when it’s not so dark out, and bussing students who live more than a mile away from school.

The points were brought up by Mayor John Cranley during a council meeting that young children are currently walking to class at 6:30am or earlier, in some cases, when the sun isn't even rising, so visibility is low. He also read a part of a letter sent to Council from CPS, asking for the ability to hire more crossing guards without having to go through the city and police. Cranley says that solution "makes sense."

Councilwoman Murray also reminds drivers and students alike to be more aware while on the roads or in crosswalks. She encourages drives to "put the cellphone down," and reminds students that just because you're in a crosswalk, that doesn't mean you shouldn't look both ways.

A resolution was passed in City Council for the City Administration to prepare a report on safety of students headed to or from classes, how to improve safety on the roads and in crosswalks, and what can realistically be done to fix things that may need to be fixed.

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