DNA Results Confirm Identity Of Missing Middletown Woman

Women Missing From Middletown

(Middletown)  - The remains found in Moraine in September have been identified as a missing Middletown woman.

Michelle Burgan was last seen in 2017 in Middletown and disappeared around the same time as three other women.  Authorities say all four went missing under suspicious circumstances.  

DNA tests were used to confirm Burgan's identity. Police are still looking for Brandy English, Amber Flack and Melinda Miller.

English was last seen on May 11, 2016.  Flack was last seen on September 1, 2016 and Miller was last seen on February 19, 2017.  

Police have arrested Gilbert Revere, who is the last person seen with Burgan.

Anyone with information on any of these women should call Middletown Police Detective Kristi Hughes at 513-425-7700 or the Bureau of Criminal Investigation at 855-224-6446. 

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